We’re filmmakers at heart, and that’s where we began with documentary and narrative features and shorts. In particular documentary film informs our production style and approach, starting with a focus on craft and authentic storytelling. But we’re not limited by a traditional documentary style, as you can see from our work.

HOME: A Rockumentary, 2017 (WHYY, Philadelphia), followed a tumultuous year in the life of a middle school rock band in South Philadelphia.


Shored Up, 2013 (DirecTV), revealed the impacts of sea level rise along the barrier islands of the east coast, where Superstorm Sandy ran headlong into coastal development and politics.


A Sea Change, 2009 (Discovery Planet Green), explored the dark underbelly of climate change, ocean acidification.

Ghost River is a graphic novel that retells the events surrounding a massacre of members of the Conestoga tribe of Pennsylvania, written and illustrated by two contemporary Native American artists.

After the Cap, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, explored the impacts of the Gulf Oil Spill on the residents and environment of Coastal Louisiana.