Why Choose

Mangrove Media

Mangrove Media is a collection of award-winning artists and creatives. Our work has been featured theatrically, on national television, in fundraising campaigns, museum installations, product launches, online and in sales and educational videos.

As filmmakers we understand how to communicate a complex story in a tidy package with authenticity, values and style. Whether you need to let people know you exist, communicate with your stakeholders, publicize a product launch, jumpstart a fundraising campaign, or simply spread the word about your organization, a video can help you touch your audience in a way nothing else can.

We’re based in Philadelphia, far from any coastal mangrove forest. But our documentary journeys have introduced us to these unique trees that create their own habitats. They feed little creatures, which feed bigger creatures and ultimately they form miniature ecosystems. We’d like to be a mangrove of video, pulling together all the essential elements to help ideas grow.

Our Process

We got our start alongside organizations with small budgets and big aspirations. We’re craftspeople and we approach each project with an understanding of you and your goals. We’ll move from there to your story and your budget to deliver you an impactful, compelling video.

The first step for us is to get to know you, your organization and your needs so we can help conceptualize what kind of finished product you’re looking for. Is it 15 seconds or 15 minutes? Documentary in style, or scripted? Once we have a better sense of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish organizationally we can define a scope of work and craft a proposal. We’ve worked with clients on videos that range from viral videos shot, edited and posted online in a day to videos documenting projects over the course of a year. We can help you choose the best strategy and platform for your message and deliver you a video you’ll want to share with everyone you know.

Mangrove Studios

Our video production and post production studios are located in the Bok Building in South Philadelphia. Bok is a hub for artists and craftspeople – glassblowers, composers, furniture designers, muralists, tinkerers – and of course filmmakers. And from the 8th floor bar it also has the best damn view of the Philly skyline at sunset.